Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fistfights and threats at Centre County Polls…

...Have not been reported this morning during what appears to be a record voter turnout for an historic election. Do you ever wonder why the pundits tell us every four years that this is the most important election since…..? Aren’t they all important with special importance assigned to off-year elections?

But what a great country we all live in when voters of every persuasion go to the local precinct and stand in a long line to testify to the world about their personal political beliefs and there isn’t a single fight to break up. In my local precinct, I stood in line with republicans, democrats, and independents and there was a sense of pride among all the would-be voters anxiously awaiting their private moment of truth. There was amicable conversation and not a single incident of name calling. No fights, no threats, no coercion, and not a single soldier threatening the line with a machine gun.

This is what makes our country great. Well defined differences of opinion to be sure, but a coming together none the less. I trust that we will wake up tomorrow morning to a united American electorate and a single-minded purpose to continue to make this country the greatest country in the history of the planet Earth.

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