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And you thought it would be related to Love and Cupid. There is lot's of love behind this word in a strange kind of way.

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The word jumper has many meanings:
A jumper is a garment.
In the United Kingdom and Australia, it is similar to the US sweater or a jersey.
In the US, it refers to a sleeveless collarless dress; see jumper dress.
A jumper is a type of horse, used in the sport of show jumping.
A jumper in computer electronics is a conductor used to connect two pins.
A jumper is also a slang term for someone who commits (or attempts) suicide by jumping from a great height.
A jumper is a parachutist; a smokejumper is a firefighting parachutist.
Jumper (novel) is a science fiction novel by Steven Gould.
Jumper (film) is the film adaptation of the novel.
Jumper (band) was a swedish pop band during the late 90's.
A jumper in basketball terms means a jump shot.
A song by Third Eye Blind on their first album.
The Citroën Jumper (Relay in the UK)
The word as it refers to garments comes from the Quechua language in which chompa means "a loose, outer jacket". It was first applied to a sailor's jacket.Jumpers may refer to:
Jumpers is a satirical play by Tom Stoppard
"Jumpers", a song by Sleater-Kinney from their album The Woods
Jumpers, a nickname for a member of the Welsh Methodist revival

Wikepedia did not inlcude the meaning that I was looking for or the one real estate brokers would understand.

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